Monday, January 28, 2008


whoever said "i think therefore i am" could not have been born today. the only thing "thinking" can assure us of is an unhappy life. the thinking man is one who revels in self torture. imagine thinking of that street puppy you saw being left mutilated by an irresponsible cabbie. of all the carcinogens in the air you breathe and the food you eat. of your favourite artist who died unrecognised. of the purpose of your existance. of the politicians who seek to represent us. the meaninglessness of it all.

to be ignorant and is a luxury many of us are not afforded. what bliss is ignorance. to swim with the tide. to not have to think and carry on carrying on. to care a fuck. with no conscience there to bother you. to not have to think of tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

a song for jeffery

i only feel ..
what touches me.

i dont remember what the rest of the song goes on to say, but it's starting line floated into my conciousness on my way to work and seemed very profound. i used to own this jethro tull album (benefit) a long time ago. thinking of this, i wonder what the band meant it to mean. shall look it up on google when i have nothing better to do at office.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

running away

if i could run, id run away from civilisation. from growth and development. no, im not anti progress, but i am anti this so-called progress that puts the most basic (and precious) requirements of life on a premium. my requirements are minimal, but can i afford them? i think not.

all i want is clean air, pure water, and little but real food. without it being held together by countless chemicals whose names i cannot even pronounce. chemicals that are destined to make their way into our gene pool, mutating our children's children, leaving them a legacy of slow death.

Why do people want apples to be redder than red, oranges so perfectly orange that mother nature requires the help of our genetic engineers and soulless corporates to create them? why cant we just be happy with what we have, and learn to live a simple, holistic existance without damaging our surroundings?