Sunday, January 20, 2008

running away

if i could run, id run away from civilisation. from growth and development. no, im not anti progress, but i am anti this so-called progress that puts the most basic (and precious) requirements of life on a premium. my requirements are minimal, but can i afford them? i think not.

all i want is clean air, pure water, and little but real food. without it being held together by countless chemicals whose names i cannot even pronounce. chemicals that are destined to make their way into our gene pool, mutating our children's children, leaving them a legacy of slow death.

Why do people want apples to be redder than red, oranges so perfectly orange that mother nature requires the help of our genetic engineers and soulless corporates to create them? why cant we just be happy with what we have, and learn to live a simple, holistic existance without damaging our surroundings?


MindFul MiMi said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I buy mostly organic food and I check where things come from for everything I buy to make sure it's as local as possible (less transport, less pollution). It's not always possible I admit. But I live in the country and have the advantage of having things around. And a possibility to grow my own :-)

secondfiddle said...

thats so good, and lucky of you. in my case, i will have to give the healthiest years of my life to the industry so i can afford to get away later. but my heart goes out to the country life! to live a simple, hard-working existance closer to nature..i could never ask for more.
thank you for your kind comments.