Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a fucking big TV

I'm sick of the new India. Slogging your ass for that bigger TV, fridge, house, car and loan. A big tumor for you, mister and miss workaholic. Eat genetically modified junk food and and die. Oh, but only after having adequately contributed to the economy, please. Too bad it will be a slow, painful death that no one will benefit from, not even medical science. Only the management of some corrupt hi-end hospital, who would then use the money to buy a bigger TV. and die like you did, only better off.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i like

its been a rather long since i last posted and a lazy sunday morning brought me back to it with renewed vigor. as someone once said w.r.t. my blog, that my thoughts lean more towards the negative side of things ( pesticides in our food, carcinogens in the air and the like). while i am by no means an overtly happy person, i shall now attempt to list the things that make me happy. and i shall list them in the order that they come to me, hoping that it would lend us a more honest understanding of me. what i will consciously do is try not to write about the things i do not like!
i like the mountains. the feel of soil or stome under my bare feet. tend to like things from a time gone by (nostalgia monger if you please). like old time things, be it cars or things or furniture or houses or castles or music. cant explain why, my heart really goes out to the feel and design of things long gone. i think i have been born an old man! i likine doing things the long forgotten way. authentic indian cooking using freshly ground spices and not the readyto use varities. i like to take long walks with my dog, in a road that doesnt have many cars. i like to serve, to give pleasure to someone else. i love details, good design, and aaaagh ... this cybercafe i am in is shutting down for the day so leaving it here. to be continued (hopefully)

history of power

in ancient times, and yet not too long ago, women were ruled by men. understandabily so, for historically, brute strength determined the winner. women were naturally relegated to the role of domesticated property. they were often "owned or married" by force and taught the virtues of being docile and complacent and servile. words that are still found in a typical matrimonial advert to this day.
now, when hardly any accomplishment relies upon physical strength (unless you count a career in wrestling or thai boxing). the tables have turned. women refuse to change to their husbands surname after marriage. women are earning more than their men. battles are being fought at a celebral level and women are now heads of big businesses. but can they also be the head of the family? have the tables really turned or are we living with many of those old vestiges still embedded in our psyche? is this for the better or worse? can there be equality? can equality exist? (or should there be a lesser ego for a more perfect fit?) i sit and watch, as the days go by :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

seven deadly sins

two thumbs up to the vatican for including manipulative genetics and environmental pollution in their new list of the seven deadly sins. while it is true that conscience doesn't need a religious nanny, fact remains that religion does touch many of those decision-makers sitting up there taking decisions for us all, and this maketh the new list very very appreciated. this also proves that religion can also be progressive and play a part in the betterment of the planet.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


i chanced upon these images by artist rc horsch on his website eroto.com. i wonder if id have found pictures of men in bondage as aesthetically appealing as these. does this mean i have sadistic tendencies? i think not. would really like to know what the ladies think.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

lady luck

as the shortest month of the year kicks off, something that has eluded me for long strikes me as strange. on this month my mother was born. my first lady boss, who'd inducted me into my current profession (for better or worse), whom i respect a lot and have always had a sort of puppy crush on, was also born this month. my very first crush from university (if i know what love is, it is because of her) was also born this month. it appears that all the women who have any power to change my life have all been born this month. no surprise then, that the woman i am currently engaged to (and who is going to change the course of my life forever) is about to celebrate her b'day sometime this month! is there any kind of numerological logic to this or is it just plain luck?

Monday, January 28, 2008


whoever said "i think therefore i am" could not have been born today. the only thing "thinking" can assure us of is an unhappy life. the thinking man is one who revels in self torture. imagine thinking of that street puppy you saw being left mutilated by an irresponsible cabbie. of all the carcinogens in the air you breathe and the food you eat. of your favourite artist who died unrecognised. of the purpose of your existance. of the politicians who seek to represent us. the meaninglessness of it all.

to be ignorant and is a luxury many of us are not afforded. what bliss is ignorance. to swim with the tide. to not have to think and carry on carrying on. to care a fuck. with no conscience there to bother you. to not have to think of tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

a song for jeffery

i only feel ..
what touches me.

i dont remember what the rest of the song goes on to say, but it's starting line floated into my conciousness on my way to work and seemed very profound. i used to own this jethro tull album (benefit) a long time ago. thinking of this, i wonder what the band meant it to mean. shall look it up on google when i have nothing better to do at office.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

running away

if i could run, id run away from civilisation. from growth and development. no, im not anti progress, but i am anti this so-called progress that puts the most basic (and precious) requirements of life on a premium. my requirements are minimal, but can i afford them? i think not.

all i want is clean air, pure water, and little but real food. without it being held together by countless chemicals whose names i cannot even pronounce. chemicals that are destined to make their way into our gene pool, mutating our children's children, leaving them a legacy of slow death.

Why do people want apples to be redder than red, oranges so perfectly orange that mother nature requires the help of our genetic engineers and soulless corporates to create them? why cant we just be happy with what we have, and learn to live a simple, holistic existance without damaging our surroundings?