Sunday, April 20, 2008

i like

its been a rather long since i last posted and a lazy sunday morning brought me back to it with renewed vigor. as someone once said w.r.t. my blog, that my thoughts lean more towards the negative side of things ( pesticides in our food, carcinogens in the air and the like). while i am by no means an overtly happy person, i shall now attempt to list the things that make me happy. and i shall list them in the order that they come to me, hoping that it would lend us a more honest understanding of me. what i will consciously do is try not to write about the things i do not like!
i like the mountains. the feel of soil or stome under my bare feet. tend to like things from a time gone by (nostalgia monger if you please). like old time things, be it cars or things or furniture or houses or castles or music. cant explain why, my heart really goes out to the feel and design of things long gone. i think i have been born an old man! i likine doing things the long forgotten way. authentic indian cooking using freshly ground spices and not the readyto use varities. i like to take long walks with my dog, in a road that doesnt have many cars. i like to serve, to give pleasure to someone else. i love details, good design, and aaaagh ... this cybercafe i am in is shutting down for the day so leaving it here. to be continued (hopefully)

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Anand said...

Nicee.. I like the way u put down ur words.
I'll visit u again sometime.
Anand. :-)