Sunday, April 20, 2008

history of power

in ancient times, and yet not too long ago, women were ruled by men. understandabily so, for historically, brute strength determined the winner. women were naturally relegated to the role of domesticated property. they were often "owned or married" by force and taught the virtues of being docile and complacent and servile. words that are still found in a typical matrimonial advert to this day.
now, when hardly any accomplishment relies upon physical strength (unless you count a career in wrestling or thai boxing). the tables have turned. women refuse to change to their husbands surname after marriage. women are earning more than their men. battles are being fought at a celebral level and women are now heads of big businesses. but can they also be the head of the family? have the tables really turned or are we living with many of those old vestiges still embedded in our psyche? is this for the better or worse? can there be equality? can equality exist? (or should there be a lesser ego for a more perfect fit?) i sit and watch, as the days go by :)

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Anonymous said...

Well, it may have been this way in the past, especially more so in some environments. But actually, babies or fetuses all start out female and it is only with added hormones and chemicals during the process of growth in the womb do they become male. what does that say about the old Christian Mythology that women were created from Adam's rib,lol.
As for brute strength, it is not always the best survival skill, as stealth and endurance are just as much of value , perhaps more. Wars games with women have proven they are more stealthy and have more endurance then men. Women being the weaker sex has no real basis in fact, I have seen many women win in a fight with a man. Brute strength has little value except perhaps in hand to hand combat and intelligence can still win over it many times.
Culturally and socially women have been trained to be subservient and now this is changing and has changed to some degree. The idea that men are superior has no validity. Men have too much agression and should be controlled by women. Unfortunately, many women still live under the boots of men and this will change further with time, when people can see past cultural conditioning and think for themselves. We all need to wake up to the workings of power dynamics going on in everyday life. Not only women are subjugated, but the poor, disadvantaged, children, and others. This subject always makes me feel passionate in my answers. Women are taking their power and need to do it even more. MP