Saturday, March 15, 2008

seven deadly sins

two thumbs up to the vatican for including manipulative genetics and environmental pollution in their new list of the seven deadly sins. while it is true that conscience doesn't need a religious nanny, fact remains that religion does touch many of those decision-makers sitting up there taking decisions for us all, and this maketh the new list very very appreciated. this also proves that religion can also be progressive and play a part in the betterment of the planet.


MsPearl said...

Religion has been a tool for control, of the poor, befuddled and the female sex. Almost without exception, women are relegated to second place in religion, sometimes less then that. Don't worry if you are miserable, hungry, without medical care, your reward is in heaven. Don't think about being under your husbands boots, because this is what God wants. Bull hockey!!!!! I doidn't hear God say any such thing. The original texts of the Christian bible were edited and changed by priests who didn't like women much to begin with. Another way of controlling the poor and those we hope to control by social conditioning and why not ,it has worked for hundreds of years. Ms Pearl

Anonymous said...

Well, religion and tradition do have some benefits. I thought about it a little more. The Catholic Church and other religions have done some good in the world, I just think freedom of thought is important too, along with not being forceably socially conditioned. It has also caused alot of war and killing, from the witch hunts of salem to genocide and fighting over what some consider holy ground. But a person knows what is wrong, instinctively you know what is wrong when you do it you don't need a religion to tell you its wrong to kill.