Saturday, February 2, 2008

lady luck

as the shortest month of the year kicks off, something that has eluded me for long strikes me as strange. on this month my mother was born. my first lady boss, who'd inducted me into my current profession (for better or worse), whom i respect a lot and have always had a sort of puppy crush on, was also born this month. my very first crush from university (if i know what love is, it is because of her) was also born this month. it appears that all the women who have any power to change my life have all been born this month. no surprise then, that the woman i am currently engaged to (and who is going to change the course of my life forever) is about to celebrate her b'day sometime this month! is there any kind of numerological logic to this or is it just plain luck?


Mystress said...

Thank you for linking to our page.

Would you share with your readers what it is that 'second fiddle' means to you? What is it that you are most seeking in the sort of relationship that you want?

In regards to some of your earlier posts. Most ladies will find positive thoughts much more attractive then negative thoughts, so you might keep that in mind.
Yes, there are sad, difficult and negative things in life.. but there are also wonderful, amazing and beautiful things to be celebrated as well.

Best to you,

LadyM said...

I will celebrate my birthday too this month *smiles*
That probably means that the best people were born in february!

secondfiddle said...


thank you for giving me a topic to write about. will do so soon, i promise.

i hadnt really started this blog to "attract" ladies, but to just jot down my present thoughts, in all their shades, and perhaps ponder many years later if and how they have changed or shaped up!

i am well aware when your b'day falls :) my best wishes in advance!